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Evelyn Dall and Friends CD

New Evelyn Dall CD released 'Evelyn Dall and Friends'

I am pleased to announce that a third Evelyn CD is now available, called 'Evelyn Dall and Friends'.

You can order your copy from Memory Lane magazine NOW.

It includes soundtrack songs and radio broadcast appearances never released before and recordings by her friends and colleagues.

Unfortunately Evelyn's first two CDs
The Complete Evelyn Dall Recordings Volume 1 'The 'Original Blonde Bombshell' and
The Complete Evelyn Dall Recordings Volume 2 'Something for the Boys' are now out of print.



Don't forget to check out my local newspaper's 'Lost Archives' from Friday 27 June 2014, Evelyn appeared on the front cover with a supporting article "Tower Angel - The Bronx Bombshell Wows Blackpool."

See Gazette reporter Emma Harris's follow up article in their 'Memory Lane' series on 22 July 2014 Memories of Sunny Bronx Angel Evelyn Dall.

Welcome to the World of Evelyn Dall.

This is Evelyn's Official website which I am continuing to update as new information and pictures, etc. turn up.

I am still looking for a few Evelyn related items. If you have anything to offer please let me know. In the meantime some of the things I am still seeking can be seen on my Wanted page.

I am very interested in completing Evelyn's 'Timeline.' If you can supply any information about the missing dates I will be very grateful.

Appearance dates can sometimes be confusing due to newspaper announcements of future dates that never actually took place. Although it sounds a lot, there are around 70 weeks I haven't yet found information about but that is out of 16 years of Evelyn's activities! I suspect that a good number of these will turn out to be holiday spells or time spent in Monte Carlo with Ambrose and his orchestra which I need to confirm.

I am still searching for a complete copy of 'Sing as You Swing' and the short made before Evelyn left the U.S. called 'The Wrong Bottle.'

Remember that this site is twinned with my own www.talking-shellac.com where you will find more information about Evelyn's time in the UK between 1935 to 1946.

                                                                                               Dave Cooper May 2017

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