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2009 was the year Evelyn Dall finally got her first own CD releases. Her third release is due out in 2017


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Evelyn Dall CD Volume 1
'The Original Blonde Bombshell'
The Complete
Evelyn Dall Recordings
Volume 1 MLMCD001

1. Mrs Worthington GB-7424-1 25 Sep 1935
2. Cohen the Crooner (With: Max Bacon, Jack Cooper) GB-7426-1 25 Sep 1935
3. Lulu's Back in Town GB-7427-1 25 Sep 1935
4. The General's Fast Asleep (With: The Rhythm Bros) TB-1973-2 12 Oct 1935
5. The Lady in Red TB-2024-1 05 Nov 1935
6. Whotcha Gotcha Trombone For? GB-7614-2 16 Jan 1936
7. Woe Is Me (With: Jack Cooper) GB-7730-1 20 Mar 1936
8. Cuban Pete TB-2222-1 10 Jun 1936
9. I'm All In TB-2223-1 10 Jun 1936
10. Lost My Rhythm, Lost My Music, Lost My Man TB-2224-2 10 Jun 1936
11. Organ Grinder's Swing TB-2550-2 14 Oct 1936
12. Did You Mean It? TB-2683-1 03 Dec 1936
13. On the Isle of Kitchymiboko TB-2807-1 03 Feb 1937
14. Swing Is In the Air TB-2943-1 24 Mar 1937
15. Sailor, Where Art Thou? TB-2944-1 24 Mar 1937
16. I May Be Poor, But I'm Honest (with: Sam Browne, Les Carew) TB-2976-1 03 Apr 1937
17. Rhythm's O.K. In Harlem TB-2977-1 03 Apr 1937
18. Gangway TB-3020-1 28 Apr 1937 19. Swing High, Swing Low
TB-3057-2 14 May 1937
20. Poor Robinson Crusoe TB-3103-1 18 Jun 1937
21. Let's Call the Whole Thing Off (With Sam Browne) TB-3105-2 18 Jun 1937
22. Fifty Million Robins Can't Be Wrong
TB-3112-1 18 Jun 1937
23. It's the Natural Thing To Do DTB-3318-1 26 Oct 1937
24. No Songs About Love
25. It's the Rhythm in Me
Film Soundtrack: Kicking the Moon Around 1938
26. The Costa Rumba
Film Soundtrack: He Found a Star 1941
27. You'll Love the Army
28. Actions Speak Louder Than Words
Film Soundtrack:
King Arthur Was A Gentleman 1942
29 Sitting on a Cloud That's Silver-lined
30. Hey There Bellman
(With Stephane Grappelli)
Film Soundtrack: Time Flies 1944





Evelyn Dall CD Volume 2
'Something for the Boys'
The Complete
Evelyn Dall Recordings
Volume 2 MLMCD003

01 Says My Heart DR-2993-1 14-Oct-38
02 Joseph! Joseph! DR-3012-1 27-Oct-38
03 I Got Love DR-3216-1 13-Jan-39
04 Jeepers Creepers DR-3430-1 27-Mar-39
05 Hold Tight - Hold Tight DR-3431-1 27-Mar-39
06 Three Little Fishes (Itty Bitty Poo)
DR-3614-1 07-Jun-39
07 Beer Barrel Polka DR-3615-1 07-Jun-39
08 Ain't Cha Comin' Out? DR-3682-1 17-Jun-39
09 An Apple for the Teacher (With: Jack Cooper) DR-4018-1 10-Nov-39
10 My Heart Belongs To Daddy DR-4021-1 10-Nov-39
11 Gulliver's Travels Selection DR-4103-1 08-Dec-39
Including: We're All Together Now,
I Hear a Dream (Vera Lynn), All's Well (Jack Cooper) and Bluebirds in the Moonlight (ED)
12 My Wubba Dolly ('with orchestra')
DR 4303-1 01-Feb-40
13 Mr Jones ('with orchestra') DR 4304-1 01-Feb-40
14 Pinocchio Selection DR-4375-1 05-Mar-40
Including: Give a Little Whistle (Jack Cooper), Little Wooden Head (Vera Lynn) and I've Got No Strings (ED)
15 No Mamma No! DR-4818-1 25-Jun-40
16 Something For the Boys (Orch: Art Strauss) DR-8359-1 16-Apr-44
17 Hey! Good Lookin' (Orch: Art Strauss) DR-8360-1 16-Apr-44
18 I Wanna Get Married Part 1 (Orch: Phil Green) DR-9851-2 23-Nov-45
19 I Wanna Get Married Part 2 (Orch: Phil Green) DR-9852-2 23-Nov-45
20 Do It for the Girl You Love
Film Soundtrack: Tickets Please 1935
21 I'm All In
22 Lost My Rhythm, Lost My Music, Lost My Man
Film Soundtrack: Soft Lights and Sweet Music 1936
23 I Don't Wanna Get Hot
24 Organ Grinder's Swing
Film Soundtrack: Calling All Stars 1937
25 Sing as You Swing
Film Soundtrack: Sing as You Swing 1937
26 You're What's the Matter with Me
Film Soundtrack: Kicking the Moon Around 1938
27 Rhythms OK in Harlem
Film Soundtrack: Philips Broadcast of 1938
28 Salome
Film Soundtrack: He Found a Star 1941
29 Got A Bee in My Bonnet (With: Arthur Askey) Film Soundtrack: King Arthur Was A Gentleman 1942
30 Keep Cool, Calm and Collect
31 A Fine How Do You Do
(With: Arthur Askey) Film Soundtrack: Miss London Ltd. 1943

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