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WHO’S WHO OF THE BEST AMERICAN FEMALE SINGERS-ENTERTAINERS (scroll down to the letter D). Despite the fact Evelyn hasn't performed professionally since 1946, she is still rated at no.27 of the 65 the ladies listed with the surname D!

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In addition to touring Britain extensively with Ambrose's orchestra (or leaind his Sextet or Octet) Evelyn Dall appeared in a number of shows as comedienne, singer and dancer.
For one winter season she appeared in pantomime in Edinburgh.
Even during residencies with the Ambrose band she also appeared in theatre dates in the London area, cut records, made films and appeared on radio and early television.

Here is a collection of theatre programmes and images of Miss Dall 'live'.

May to June 1935Programme for Parade

Monte Carlo Follies
July to December 1934Monte Carlo Follies programme

Evelyn was the star of this show aged 16

Touring with Ambrose and his bands
August 1935 to
January 1945
Stars of Radio poster

Evelyn with Ambrose animation

Present Arms
May to August 1940Present Arms programme

Scenes from Preset Arms

Robinson Crusoe
November 1940 to
January 1941Robinson Crusoe programme

Robinson Crusoe animation
Green for Piccadilly
December 1942
Evelyn completes rehearsals and performs for the first two week of the run but has to withdraw due to severe influenza and does not return.

Something for the Boys
December 1943 to
May 1944Something for the Boys programme

Soemthing for the Boys animation

Follow the Girls
August 1945 to July 1946Follow the Girls programme

Pictures from 'Follow the Girls'
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