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The songs Evelyn recorded are now available on CD. I am starting to list the songs 'that got away.' Like most artists, Evelyn's recorded output is only a sample of what was actually performed. If you know of any more, please let me know.

Unrecorded Songs Evelyn Performed in Shows

  • By the Mis-iss-iss-iss-iss-iss-inewah (Something for the Boys) with Daphne Barker
  • Dig For Victory (Present Arms 1940)
  • Follow the Girls (Follow the Girls) with Arthur Askey, Jack Billings and Vic Marlowe
  • Happy Land in the Sky (Something for the Boys) with Daphne Barker, Bobby Wright, Leigh Stafford and Bernard Ansell
  • He's a Right Guy (Something for the Boys)
  • Home on the Range (Something for the Boys) with Daphne Barker and Bobby Wright
  • I'm All Washed Up on Love (Parade 1935) with Ralph Riggs
  • I'm An International Orphan (Parade 1935)
  • I'm Nobody's Baby (Robinson Crusoe 1941)
  • I Wanna Hang My Hat (Follow the Girls) with Arthur Askey, Jack Billings and Vic Marlowe
  • Leader of the Band (Something for the Boys)
  • Ma! He's Making Eyes At Me (Present Arms 1940)
  • Might Be (Present Arms 1940) with Max Wall
  • Oomph! (Present Arms 1940) with Max Wall
  • Selling Sex (Parade 1935)
  • Six Lessons from Madame La Zonga (Robinson Crusoe 1941)
  • Strip Tease Girl (Follow the Girls)
  • You're Perf (Follow the Girls) with Arthur Askey

Unrecorded Songs Evelyn performed with
Ambrose and his Orchestra/Octet
(* also sang on TV between 1937 and 1939)

  • A Tisket A Tasket *
  • After You *
  • At the Codfish Ball
  • Begin the Beguine
  • Big Chief Swing-It * with Les Carew, Max Bacon (comedy Indian number)
  • Bomba Plays the Rumba
  • Callaway Went Thataway with Max Bacon, Les Carew
  • Casey Jones *
  • Cocktail Shaker *
  • Flat Foot Floogie (with Max Bacon)
  • Fu Manchu *
  • Gypsy in My Soul *
  • Highland Swing * with Jimmy Miller
  • How’d You Like to Love Me *
  • I Double Dare You
  • I Found My Yellow Basket * with Jimmy Miller, Eddie Lisbona, Teddy White
  • I Like to Recognise It's You
  • I'll Never Say 'Never Again' Again
  • I'm Gonna Lock my Heart
  • It Ain’t Necessarily So *
  • It’s a Long Long Way to Your Heart *
  • It’s D’Lovely *
  • I've Got a Pocket Full of Dreams
  • Jim Jam Jumpin' Jive
  • Mama I Want to Make Rhythm *
  • Mama, That Moon is Here Again *
  • Milkman, Keep Those Bottles Quiet
  • Most Gentlemen Don't Like Love
  • Mr Ghost Goes to Town
  • Nice Work if You Can Get It *
  • Oh Johnny Oh Johnny
  • Oh, Ma, Ma *
  • Popcorn Man *
  • Rhythm in the Alphabet *
  • Rhythm Makes You Feel Good
  • Rigoletto * (Parody) with Max Bacon, George Sandiford, Les Carew
  • Roll Me Over, Lay Me Down and Do It Again
  • Say Si Si *
  • Scrub me Mama with a Boogie Beat
  • Some Day My Prince Will Come
  • South American Joe
  • Swing Along Mama (with the Rhythm Brothers
  • Swing That Music
  • Swing That Thing
  • Take a Course in Rhythm (incorporating In a Little Red School House) *
  • Take Your Pick and Swing
  • Taking a Course in Rhythm
  • Talk to Me
  • The Big Apple
  • The Chestnut Tree * with Max Bacon, Les Carew
  • The Hut Sut Song
  • The Sassanach
  • The Shag
  • Ti-pi-tin
  • True Blue Lil *
  • Ve Play Fiddle For De Czar * with Max Bacon and Les Carew
  • When the Circus Comes to Town *
  • Who Stole It *
  • Working Our Way Through College * with Max Bacon and Les Carew
  • Yankee-Doodle Band *
  • You Can’t Stop Me from Dreaming *
  • You Let Me Down *
  • Your Broadway and My Broadway *

From Other Appearances

  • Did You Ever See a Dream Walking? (solo audition 1934, New York)
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