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When Pathe Newsreels captured current celebrities in the 1930s and 40s
they were often filmed (silent) with narrations and incidental music added
later. On other occasions they used sound live in interview or recorded
them in performance.
Evelyn appeared in a few films for Pathe some of which can be viewed in
their 'preview' low resolution format for no cost at the Pathe

Here is the full list of the Evelyn Pathe films with an appearance for British
Gaumont with links to view (or purchase should you have the funds!)

Film Title and Link


Film Length


28 July 1938


1 min 26 secs

Reference PM0975
Evelyn seen for a couple
of seconds watching the
laundry industry annual
sports festival

29 January 1940 Unknown Reference Unknown
Evelyn Dall sings 'Franklin D Roosevelt Jones' with Ambrose and his orchestra at the May Fair Hotel, London
24 December 1945 1 min 45 secs Reference PM1173
Evelyn Dall and Peggy Ashcroft seen at judges table briefly for the 'Clippies' (female bus ticket conductors) Beauty Contest
25 February 1946 1 min 55 secs Reference PM1388
A film showing Evelyn swimming, shopping and backstage in various outfits. The soundtrack has voice over and incidental music.
21 October 1946 1 min 23 secs Reference PM1412
John Parsons briefly interviews captain and various celebrities going on the maiden voyage of the ship (following its war duties). Evelyn is interviewd with Ambrose as she leaves Britain to live back in America.
21 October 1946 1 min 8 secs Reference PM2743
This is a silent film containing clips presumably cut from the previous film which include Evelyn signing autographs for a crowd of people and walking on deck with Ambrose.
22 February 1937 51 secs Reference BGU407220221
Gaumont British Newsreel (Reuters) This is believed an excerpt from the title above made by the above company.
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