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Evelyn in costume in Time Flies

With Vic Oliver and Sarah Churchill
1941 He Found a Star

Released 1 September 1941
Director: John Paddy Carstairs
Evelyn Dall plays Suzanne
Evelyn Dall sings: Costa Rhumba; Salome

1942 King Arthur Was a Gentleman
Released c. December 1942
Director:Marcel Varnel
Evelyn Dall plays Susan Ashley
Evelyn Dall sings: You'll Love the Army, Got a Bee In My Bonnet, Actions Speak Louder Than Words

Arthur Askey and Evelyn Dall
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1943 Miss London Ltd.
Released 14 June 1943
Director:Val Guest
Evelyn Dall plays: Terry Arden
Evelyn Dall sings: A Fine How Do You Do, Keep Cool Calm and Collect

1944 Time Flies
Released 25 February 1944
Director: Walter Forde
Evelyn Dall plays Susie Barton
Evelyn Dall sings: I'm On a Cloud That's Silver Lined, Hey There Bellman

Miss London Ltd poster

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