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Titles from The Inventors

Evelyn as the dumb blonde in The Inventors

Evelyn made four short films during early 1934 and spring 1935.

Stills from 'The Inventors'

'The Inventors'
Released 2 February 1934
Director Al Christie
Evelyn Dall plays a dumb blonde.

'The Wrong Bottle'
Released 1934
Director Al Christie

Stills from Tickets Please

'Tickets Please'
Released Spring 1935
Director Roy Mack
Evelyn appears as a cheer leader
and sings 'Do it for the Girl You Love'

More Stills from Tickets Please

'The Doorman's Opera'
Released Spring 1935
Director Roy Mack

Evelyn in this revue sings
'You Deserve a Medal'
(with Ray Heatherston) and
'The Postman Always Rings Twice'

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