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Calling All STars stills

Calling All Stars
Released 1 September 1937
Director: Herbert Smith
Evelyn Dall plays herself.
Evelyn Dall sings: Organ Grinder's Swing, I Don't Wanna Get Hot

Kicking the Moon Around
Released 15 Aug 1938
Director: Walter Forde
Evelyn Dall plays Pepper Martin
Evelyn Dall sings: No Songs About Love, You're What's the Matter With Me, It's the Rhythm in Me

Soft Lights and Sweet Music
Released 1 February 1936
Director: Herbert Smith
Evelyn Dall plays herself
Evelyn Dall sings: Lost My Rhythm, Lost My Music, Lost My Man,
I'm All In
Evelyn Dall sings

Stills from 'Kicking the Moon Around'

Evelyn Dall sings with Mantovani
1937 Sing As You Swing

Released 31 December 1937
Director:Redd Davis
Evelyn Dall plays Cora Fane
Evelyn Dall sings: Sing as You Swing,
Let's Dance,
That's As Far As It Goes
Philips Broadcast of 1938
(GB/Holland, Technicolor)
Released mid-1938
Director: George Pal
Evelyn Dall sings
The Rhythm's OK In Harlem
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