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Evelyn in King Arthur Was a Gentleman

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Evelyn Dall appeared in 13 films.

(Plus appearences in
Pathe and British Gaumont
Newsreels and features)

The Musical Comedy Shorts

The Danceband Movies

The Musical Comedy Movies

The Newsreels

1934 Educational Films Comedy short
The Inventors

Stars: Stoopnagle and Budd.

The Inventors

1935 Warner Bros Vitaphone Musical short
ets Please
Stars: Georgie Price,
Three Sizzlers,
Byrnes and Farney.

Tickets Please

1935 Educational Films
Comedy short
The Wrong Bottle
Stars Tom Howard,
George Shelton.

The Wrong Bottle

1935 Warner Bros Vitaphone Musical short
The Doorman's Opera

Stars Ray Heatherton,
Thelma Leeds,

Doorman's Opera

1936 Soft Lights and
Sweet Music

Stars:Evelyn Dall,
Ambrose and his Orchestra,
Western Brothers,
Harry Tate,
Billy Bennett, Turner Layton,
Elizabeth Welch,
Wilson, Keppel & Betty.

Poster for Soft Lights and Sweet Music
Evelyn and Brian Lawrance

1937 Calling All Stars
Stars: Ambrose & his Orchestra, Carroll Gibbons, Sam Browne,
Max Bacon, Larry Adler,
Turner Layton.

1937 Sing As You Swing aka
Let the People Laugh

Stars: Clapham & Dwyer,
Claude Dampier,Brian Lawrance,
Four Mills Brothers,
Mantovani and his orchestra,
Nat Gonella.
Calling All Stars
Evelyn as portrayed in the Puppetoon
Philips Broadcast of 1938
Stars: Ambrose and his Orchestra (puppetoon with puppet orchestra, dancers etc.)
1938 Kicking The Moon Around aka Millionaire Merry Go-Round
The Playboy
Stars: Florence Desmond,
Maureen O'Hara,
Ambrose and his orchestra,
Harry Richman.
Kicking the Moon Around
Evelyn Dall in He Found a Star
1941 He Found a Star
Stars: Vic Oliver,
Sarah Churchill,
Evelyn Dall
1942 King Arthur Was a Gentleman
Stars: Arthur Askey,
Evelyn Dall,
Anne Shelton,
Max Bacon,
Jack Train,
Peter Graves.
Arthur Askey and Evelyn Dall
Miss London Ltd promo
1943 Miss London Ltd.
Stars: Arthur Askey,
Evelyn Dall,
Max Bacon,
Peter Graves
1944 Time Flies
Stars: Tommy Handley,
Evelyn Dall,
Felix Aylmer,
George Moon,
Moore Marriott.
Tommy Handley and Evelyn Dall
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