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Kicking the Moon Around


As a young star (aged 17) in 1935 it was reported that:

Evelyn Dall was born Evelyn Mildred Fuss. True

She was eighteen. False.

She drove her own car (shipped from the US to Britain in 1935) Not likely as when making the film 'Kicking the Moon Around' she nearly had an accident when trying to drive.

She didn't drink at the time. Probably true.

In 1934 she was letting her platinum blonde grow out "anyway men marry brunettes" That's what she told the Press!

Had a cine camera. True. (Let's hope some of her amateur film turns up one day!)

When working in the Monte Carlo Follies she sent home half her salary to help pay for her younger brother's education. Probably true.

She made 6 film shorts for Warner Brothers each year. Not quite true, she made four between 1934 and 1935.

She weighed 104lbs. True.

She died her hair from dark blonde to red in 1933. So she said!

Radio Pictorial added in their 16 July 1937 issue

Birthday was January 8 1918. True

Birthplace New York. True but more specifically The Bronx.

Colour of eyes Blue. True

Height 5 feet 2 inches. True

Weight 7 stones (98 pounds) Probably true.

Favourite Food. Ravioli Probably true.

Favourite drink Coco (sic) Cola Probably true.

Favourite sport Swimming Probably true.

Favouritie Hobby Cinema-going Probably true.


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